Dogs on Acid plays in your hometown of Philadelphia so infrequently that it’s totally acceptable to go see them twice in one week!  Here’s the break down… Monday February 9th, show is moved from the Golden Tea House (RIP) to the First Unitarian Church, gonna be an emotional one, lots of mourning show-goers.  LVL UP is gonna be there and they rip along with the undeniable Girlpool who have recently relocated to the city of blubberly love.  Take a day to rest, work the kinks out of your neck from that bangover, then Wednesday February 11th head over to Boot & Saddle.  Arguably the best sounding venue in the city and who do we have here but arguably the best living rock group in Philadelphia, the Spirit of the Beehive.  You do not want to miss this and get there early because Quit is opening the show and nobody knows how fucking good they are yet.  Impress your friends.  You’re welcome :0