Shows in June.  Warm and uninhibited.  Come and get ’em.

Tuesday, June 9th at Everybody Hits! with Telepathic featuring the lovely Rob and Sarah of Reading (Bleeding) Rainbow, Hurry, and Chomp from Ohio.

Wednesday, June 10th at Flemington DIY, NJ with Casual and the brand spanking new Year of Glad.

Thursday, June 11 at Bourbon & Branch with Casual again! and Le Fits

Friday, June 19th at David Blaine’s The Steakhouse, BKNY with Palm, Little Foot, and the devastating White Pisces.

Saturday, June 20th at the fucking Rudich Ranch with Marge and White Pisces!

Sunday, June 21st the day of Nicholas’ birth at House Called Virtue with Thin Lips, Left + Right, White Pisces, and the Sour Notes.

Sunday, June 28th at Nate’s favorite bar, the Fire with thee Toys That Kill, Choke Up, and Ma Jolie.