Everything You Should Know About Stone Crab Season

Even as this year continues to be challenging in more ways than you can imagine, there are still lots of things like the stone crab season to look forward to. If you have been wondering what all the fuss about the stone crab season is about, you should think about enjoying protein packed, low-fat, and delicious meals as only the claws of the stone crabs are harvested. Among the exciting things to look forward to especially if you are living around Miami is the stone crab season and it has never disappointed. Continue reading the ultimate guide to stone crab season below.

The first thing you should know if you are looking forward to the upcoming season is that you are going to be a part of a tradition that has been around for more than one hundred years; the first of them were on the menu in the nineteen twenties. With hundreds of thousands of people looking forward to the return of the stone crab season which begins in mid-October, getting your tickets early or booking in advance ensures you are covered; you will be avoiding the last-minute rush.
With the stone crab season almost upon us, you need to learn how to eat these crabs if you are planning to be a part of the festival but remember it is not as challenging as you think and you should not sweat it. Another thing to know about this famous time of the year is to always plan to eat early if you want to enjoy this seafood delicacy; most of the famous restaurants are known to welcome hundreds of consumers daily.

The stone crab season is a big deal to the locals who have been enjoying the delicacy for more than a century, surprisingly, it is still a local success despite its history and modern-day success. When you are learning how to eat a stone crab, don’t forget to remember that they will be served cold although a lot of things contribute to how it will taste like on your plate.

The only difference between this year’s season and the previous ones is the pandemic currently ravaging the globe; you can still experience the crabs without leaving your home thanks to the delivery services extended by most of the restaurants. Given the season lasts for seven months, consider visiting other restaurants that are known to serve hearty portions of the stone crab. This guide outlines every detail you should know about the stone crab season and how to prepare for the upcoming one.

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