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The Goldendoodle is affectionate and gentle, which is very common among people. It had gained immense popularity since the 1990s since when it was first developed. It results from the breeding of the Golden Retriever and Poodles. They are considered social pets because they can easily get along with anyone. Whether you are in upcountry, city, apartment, or home living, these dogs will thrive very well. The Goldendoodle will not do well in open space or kennel.

What is the appearance of the Goldendoodle? Most of the thinking that the Goldendoodle look like a hybrid of the golden retriever and the poodle. This might be true. However, in most cases, they tend to vary a lot. They are available in various sizes: miniature, medium, and standard-sized Goldendoodle. Depending on the size, the weight ranges from 15 to 100 pounds. These animals do not always come with a golden color. They are available in varieties of colors. Some are light tan, other blacks, and some are apricot. It is vital to note that the Goldendoodle has a curly and shaggy coat, and therefore, they may cause mild allergic reactions to sensitive people. However, it is vital to note that the cases of these animals being hypoallergenic are always rare.

Goldendoodle has a unique personality. They are considered one of the friendliest types of dogs. When near them, there is an assurance that you will be pleased because they are happy animals. They are going to get along with every person in the home. However, note that the socialization that you give to the pet will determine how friendly they are going to be.

The pet is considered to be very intelligent, and therefore, if you offer it training, there is a guarantee that it will excel. If you give them positive reinforcement, they are going to work hard along with you. It is recommended that you book a class soon you buy the Goldendoodle. Most of the puppy’s sellers will provide you with recommendations on the best socialization class; some offer this service.

How you will groom the Goldendoodle will depend on whether the coat has taken more characteristics of a golden retriever or the standard poodle. The services of a professional groomer will be needed when the dog has curly hair. On the other hand, wavy and loose hair require normal brushing. The brush will remove any hair that it has shed. Brushing will also help maintain a shiny coat.

It is recommended that you get the Goldendoodle from an ethical breeder. They are vigilant and will, therefore, only provide you with a healthy breed. As an owner, you should; you are supposed to be conversant with various health issues that can affect the Goldendoodles. Talk with the breeder about the possible diseases and their signs and symptoms. Also, seek guidance on how to handle the issues and the nearest veterinary expert. The common health problem of the Goldendoodle is hip dysplasia. Schedule a regular exam for this condition, eyes, and ears with the veterinary expert.

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