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Brief History of the American Flag

There is a history and more stories about the American flag that you should know as you know more about the country on how it has evolved until to date. On this website , there are more stories that you will know about the American flag and why it is displayed in the government building; thus, read more here for you will discover more. Read more here to learn more about the history of the American on this homepage for you will discover more on the stories that it has for this country.

There is a summary of the origin of the American flag that you should find more about here. The grand union flag was contained to England union jack and this was the main symbol. Rebecca young and Grace Fisher sewed together and actually were the ones who designed the first version of the American flag; Betsy Ross was sewn together with the flag by the tailor.

The American flag has strips that represented the colonies that were thirteen in number, the strips have a sign and symbol that have a story behind it. The American flag has red that has the symbol of hardiness and valor, the ethnos of bootstrap, learn more about the colors of the strips for you should know more. The American flag has shades of blue , white and red color that has a sign and symbol that has more history and stories.

The act of the American flag was enacted in 1794 and it was issued, this led to the changes of the strips that it has from the original thirteen that it had from the colonies. There were two more changes that were done on the American flag that happened in 1959 and 1960; this happened when Hawaii and Alaska joined the united state, therefore, you can read more on the evolution.
There was the evolution of the American flag that you should know , the evolution started in 1794 where there was the enacting and this it happened in 1959 and 1960.

There is also the summary of the American flag of today that you should know more about it. In some places, the American flag should be displayed for twenty-four hours a day and it means seven days in a week. You should know that the American flag has a total of thirteen strips and you can also display it in your own yard, all you need to find the best supplier of the flag pole to get a quality one.

Moreover, this article is a brief summary of the American flag that you should know from its origin to evolution, you would be able to understand the story about it and understand better.