Cats can make absolutely delightful pets. You must, however, know how to properly care for them. It is not as simple as you may think. This article is packed with helpful cat care information and advice. Read on to learn several cat care tips you can apply to ensure that your sweet kitty enjoys a healthy life.

Make a free toy for your cat by placing a little dry rice or a few dry beans inside an empty pill bottle. Close the lid and roll the rattly toy across the floor. Most cats can’t resist the sound and motion. You can also tie a length of twine around the neck of the bottle to make a pull toy or a dangly toy.

If your dog and cat are best friends, be sure to keep them separate after flea treatment. Your dog’s flea products are very hazardous for cats. Cats that come in contact with dog flea products often die. Be sure to use only cat products on your cat and only dog products on your dog.

To keep your cat happy and healthy, its important to schedule regular visits to the vet. Not only are regular checkups good for catching problems early, but regular visits can insure that your cat keeps up to date on its vaccinations. If you don’t know when the last time your cat had its shots, schedule an appointment for booster shots as soon as possible.

Realize that cats do not normally pant. Dogs pant to keep cool. If a cat pants, it’s a sign of trouble. Your cat could be very anxious or in pain. Likewise, rapid breathing is a sign of pain or anxiety. Be sure to contact your vet right away if your cat starts panting.

Be sure you show your cat lots of love. Cats provide warmth and affection, and they also require the same from you. Like many people, cats need to socialize with people so that they feel like they are an important part of their family’s lives. They want nothing more than to be an integral part of your family.

Cats will often devote most of their time to grooming. If your cat is long haired, this may cause hairballs. To help prevent this from occurring, buy your cat special food. Some cat foods are specially formulated to help reduce hairballs, which is good for both you and your pet.

Avoid the chance that your male cat will develop crystals in his system that will come out in his urine by feeding a high quality diet. Passing stones or crystals hurts and can cost you a ton in vet bills if they don’t come out naturally. Choose a low magnesium food. Read the label on any food you choose. Avoid fish products.

As mentioned in the opening of this article, provided that you know how to properly care for them, cats make great pets. Study all of the info contained in this article, and apply what you learn to ensure that your favorite kitty enjoys a wonderful life. With a little effort you can be a purr-fect cat owner.

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